Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Outside!

Mummy had some tester pots of cream paint. We used one to paint the outside of the house, except the roof and the alleyway floor, which we will do another day. I chose a pretty pearly pink paint for the window frames, doors and shutters. It took Mummy and me a long time to finish this, but it was fun.
See those little flowers in pots? I made those! I made flowerpots from orange Fimo, and stuck little artificial roses in them.

Furniture, Floors and Fancy Things

This is H painting one of my dolls house chairs.
H painted my cot a lovely blue.
This is the kitchen and Baby's room so far.
I wanted to do tiles on the kitchen floor. We found some lovely cardboard squares with flowers and grapes on them and glued them to the floor. When the glue was dry, we varnished it. I chose two of the squares that look like pictures, and stuck them to the wall, with sunflower stickers as hooks.
This is the baby's room. I stuck a border of pretty blue elephants along one wall and some little borders along the walls by the doorway. I decorated the cot with pink flowers and stuck 3 pictures of baby clothes on the wall at the back.
This is the whole house so far. We are doing well!
We painted the table white, and stuck some flowery paper to the top. When it was dry, we varnished it, so the paper wouldn't peel off.
We painted the chair white, and I used some fabric and a little bit of wadding to make a cushion for it. I made a candle by poking a paintbrush guard into a big bead, and gluing a little orange bead on the top. Mummy showed me how to make a beaded lampshade, because the wooden one had broken off the top of the lamp. We varnished the lamp.
We think the living room is looking good already!

Starting to Decorate the House

Hi! I'm F! This is my little sister, H, and me cleaning the dust off the little house.
I wanted to decorate the baby's bedroom first, so I chose this pretty self-adhesive fabric and we stuck it to the floor, then trimmed the edges.
This is me drawing a template for the wallpaper.
Then I traced the template onto the wallpaper.
Then I cut the wallpaper to the right shape and size.
We painted 2 walls blue and stuck the wallpaper on one wall.
We mixed silver and white together and painted the walls with the color that came out.

The Little House - The Start

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who we'll call F. She was only 6 years old when her mummy and daddy gave her a flatpack doll's house for Christmas. F loved crafts and built the little house with Mummy on Boxing Day. For 3 and a half long years, that little house sat, built but unpainted, unplayed-with and unfinished, on top of her little wardrobe. F loved her house, and it made her sad to see it looking so plain and dull. When she was 9 she decided to do something about it... This was the little house:
Isn't it sweet! As the little house's transformation continues, F is going to post photos of her progress here, to show how she is turning this plain wooden doll's house into a beautiful residence for some lucky doll family.